Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earthquake Activity Information

Did you know that Utah had about 700 small earthquakes in 2009?  Are we prepared for a 6.5 or greater earthquake?  That is what Syracuse Emergency is preparing for.

Attached is information that can be used in a Family Home Evening activity concerning Earthquakes.  I tried to find information that would make it fun for small children.  There are 9 pages attached (6 color and activity sheets and 3 information sheets).  I scanned them in the wrong order so you will have to put them in the right order (sorry). 

Ages 8-11 (first 3 sheets – pg. 30, 23, 22)
Ages 4-7 (next 3 sheets – pg. 34, 23, 22)

Last 3 pages from “Emergency Preparedness Booklet” that you have hopefully received from your Block Captain by now.  It contains brief information on Earthquakes and some Family Home Activities that can be used.

I have additional Earthquake activity sheets for the kids that I will be sending.  Children need to be trained on what to do, where to go, etc. in case of an Earthquake so they will remain calm and know what to do. 

I have also sent for Disaster Activity Books for children ages 4-7 and ages 8-11.  These have fun activities, color sheets, etc. concerning many different types of activities.  If you would like these, please email me the ages and number of your children.

I hope this helps getting our families more prepared.