Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wiggy's Sleeping Bag Sale

Hello Preparedness Friends, If you are looking for a great sleeping bag, up to -40 degrees, at about 1/3 the cost then this is the one.  You can order them by clicking on the links by each of the bags in the descriptions below.  I will NOT be taking money or orders.  You must do them yourselves and pay by credit card (or PayPal I think).  Below is the information.

These are the best bags made in the world, bar none.
Mandy Taggart

For the first time in over 20 years, the US Military just canceled a major order with Wiggys.
Because of LONG standing contracts with the military, Wiggys had already manufactured 1,100 sleeping bags for delivery when they terminated the order without advance notice.

Jerry (of Wiggys) has asked AVOW to see if they can help him dispose of these 1,100 sleeping bags to the members of AVOW at a killer price.

He is offering them at a once in a lifetime price.

Bag #1. (300 bags available)  

Hunter Superlight, NO hood, Black only, Standard Size only.

Temperature Rating: 0 degrees F
Wiggys Retail = $230.00AVOW normal discount Price = $150.00

One time killer deal = $110.00 
Wiggys will sell these to me at $100 each, I will mark them up $10.00 to cover transaction processing and hopefully make $7.00 per bag for AVOW.

AVOW Store Link. 

Product #: 6.10.1

A full rectangular Hunter model with no hood, this bag is designed without a hood and is rated at 0 degrees F.
This model (as with all Wiggy Bags), can easily be mated to a second bag for couples camping, or if in an emergency situation, for shared body heat. The following bags can be mated to this particular model:

Hunter Super Light
Hunter with a Hood Super Light
Hunter Ultra Light
Hunter with a Hood Ultra Light
Hunter with a Hood Ultima Thule
Nautilus Bag
Nautilus with a Hood OverBag

Unzip both bags completely and place one bag on the bottom (lining facing up) and one bag on the top (lining facing down). Then simply zip both bags together.


Bag #2 (800 bags available) Superlight, Hooded, BLACK only, Long-Wide only.

Temperature Rating: 0 Degrees F FTRSS: -40 Degrees F
Wiggys Retail = $218.00AVOW normal discount Price = $153.00

One time killer deal = $115.00
Wiggys will sell these to me at $105 each, I will mark them up $10.00 to cover transaction processing and hopefully make $7.00 per bag for AVOW.

All Sleeping Bags

Product #: 6.11.1

The Super Light is a 0 degree F (approximately -20 degrees C) rated mummy style bag. It is available in four sizes; 31 inches wide in the torso and 80 inches long (regular regular) (weight is 4 lbs.), 34 inches wide and 80 inches long (regular wide body) (weight is 4 _ lbs.), 31 inches wide and 90 inches long (long regular) (weight 4 _ lbs.), and 34 inches wide and 90 inches long (long wide body) (weight 5 lbs.). COLORS: Purple, Black, O.D. When the over bag is added to the Super Light the temperature rating becomes -40 degrees F or C. When both bags are combined you have the Super Light FTRSS.

The Super Lt. has proven to be our most popular bag, both with the Armed Forces and Civilian markets. When combined in the FTRSS the Super Lt. is one of the greatest choices for a true four season sleeping bag!
Sizes Available:
X-Long/Wide Body: (90" x 34")

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Important May Deadlines for Special Items!!

If interested please contact Mandy Taggart at 801-525-2260

Dear Friends,

It has taken extra time getting the next project off the ground.  They have decided to move up the Mills and Mixers to April and push out the Idahoan Potatoes and Pasta to May.  Here is exactly how it will work.  Mills and Mixers sign-up will run thru May 23rd.  These are pricey items, (check online pricing and compare, be sure to include shipping and sales tax) and it may take a little more time to budget for them.  Pricing for all coop projects include shipping and sales tax in the offered price. They won't offer these items again for 3 years. Checks payable to Mandy Taggart. Remember orders must be in on time-no exceptions.

Potatoes and Pasta will run from May 9th thru May 30th. More to come on that.   


Mandy Taggart
1821 S 1575 W (Dahl Lane)

Grain Mills and Bread Mixers April 2010

WonderMill Grain Mill
You can mill over 100 pounds of flour in an hour.
You can mill fresh flour from most dry grains, and from
most dry, non-oily legumes and lentils.
Wheat (Hard and Soft)
Popcorn Kernels
Dried Field Corn
Sorghum (Milo)
Split Peas
Chick Peas
Dried Pinto Beans
Dried Mung Beans
Dried Green Beans
What can't it mill?
Grains that have a high oil or moisture content.
Including these:
Sugar Sunflower Seeds Nuts (all types)
Dried Fruits Sesame Seeds Flax Seed
Coffee Beans Peanuts
WonderMill Features:
LIFETIME WARRANTY on milling heads and 6 years on
the motor.
1200 WATT self-cleaning motor (Largest in it's industry).
Large 8 cup grain hopper.
Passes all electrical certifications, UL, CSA & CE.
12 cup canister with lid.
Stainless steel Microburst® milling chamber.
Quietest grain mill on the market.
Fastest grain mill available, over 12 cups of flour in 3 mins.
Grinds from a fine pastry flour to a coarse flour with 3 flour
texture settings.
$240.00 including tax

BOSCH® Universal Mixer
BOSCH quality- average lifetime for mixers is
17 years. The most powerful motor in its class.
Large mixing bowl will handle up to 15 lbs. of
dough or 26 cups of flour. Handle surrounding
the rim at top of bowl. Removable drive shaft for
ease of cleaning. Whisk holder is dishwasher safe.
. 800 Watts
. 6 ½ quart bowl
. 4 speed settings + momentary switch
. Cord storage
. Suction feet for a secure standing
. Wide range of optional accessories
. Overload and start motor protection
. 3 year motor / transmission warranty
$ 400.00 including tax

WonderMill Jr. Hand Mill
Heavy Duty, All Metal, Uni-Body Construction. No plastic.
Beautifully cast with a thick powder coat finish. Lifetime
Bearings. Large "Easy Fill" Hopper holds over 1 quart of
grain. The Wonder Jr. adjusts from super fine pastry
flour to coarse cracked cereals and any where in
Easy Turn Handle, 10" Ergonomic handle with a large grip
for easy, comfortable turning.
Dual Feed Auger. The Wonder Jr. combines both
technologies of a spring and auger driver to keep a
constant flow of grain against the milling heads for
grinding perfection.
Heavy Stones, 1/3 larger heavier stones than others on
the market for long life.
Easy Cleanup. Easy cleanup in the kitchen sink after
removing the stones. (Stones are not washable)
Stainless Steel Burr kit for Corn, flax, Nuts, Herbs,
spices, coffee, and other wet and oily grains that the
stones do not grind. Patented Double Clamp.
$215.00 including tax

K-Tec Mixer by Blendtec
Digital Mix N' Blend
The K-tec Mix n' Blend mixer is designed for blending,
mixing, whipping, and kneading. Digital Read-out and
Timer. 1000 watts motor. (Up to 12 Lbs of bread dough).
K-tec Mixer Includes:
4 quart mixing bowl and lid Dough hook
Kneading arm Cookie whisk
64-ounce Bender jar with lid French whisk
NEW! Digital Readout and Timer
1.8-peak horsepower motor at 1000 watts.
8 custom pre-programmed cycles with automatic shutoff.
Auto Knead function prepares up to 12 lbs. of bread dough
Mixing bowl and attachments are dish washer safe
No aluminum parts, 2-year parts and labor warranty,
extended 3 year on motor. 1 year warranty on blender jar .
$340.00 including tax
All prices include sales tax and shipping.
Sign-ups close May 23.

Food Storage Coop Guidelines 2010
All coop project information will be sent via email & only in ‘pdf’ & Microsoft Excel
format. You can download Adobe Reader free from the internet at
which will preclude any conversion issues that may result with various computer
programs or operating systems.
All orders must be placed through a Ward Representative. We cannot take
individual orders. Remember that church guidelines do not allow for sales of goods
other than dry pack opportunities to take place within ward buildings. This is to
protect their ‘tax exempt’ status. Do your sign-ups via email and by word of mouth.
All projects will close on a Sunday with all orders and payments due to us by the
Wednesday following. This will allow you a couple of days to get it all together.
Send your payment along with the ‘master order form’ which we will send you in
Microsoft Excel format as a single page form; not to be confused with the group
spreadsheet. We do not need individual names and orders, just your bulk order
with your name and contact information. We will continue to send you a
spreadsheet to use for your convenience with your group orders. Just mail or drop
off your master order only and payment at our home. Don’t be late, keep us posted
via email or phone, we will not call you. Please do not ask us to tack-on additional
or late orders. Make your participants responsible to be on time for you.
Payment needs to be in the form of one certified bank or credit union check for the
complete order made out to ‘Irish Enterprises’. For sales tax purposes we funnel all
funds through our home business account. Be sure to include your name on the
check as ‘remitter’. We cannot accept personal checks.
You will be required to pick up your order on the assigned date and time or have an
alternate(s) pick it up for you. Please provide us with their name and current cell &
home phone number(s) in the event of scheduling changes or conflicts. We do not
have space or facilities to store any orders.
If you come across items appropriate for the coop, please contact us and we will
discuss the feasability of presenting it to the coop members. We are not liable in
any way for any product purchased through the group and all warranty questions
are referred back to the manufacturer. We do however, offer only items that we have
carefully researched, personally used, and feel confident about as well as focusing
on those items that are 'the basics' for food storage and emergency preparedness.
This is a ‘non-profit service project coop’ focused on helping us acquire the
essentials for food storage and emergency preparedness. We are not sanctioned
by the church, although they support our individual efforts toward temporal
preparedness. We are just a group of people who want to be prepared and need all
the help we can get doing it. If you have any questions, please contact us. Please
make our job manageable by following the above guidelines. We are family &
together we can all make it work.
Karen & Dave Gilmore
330 W. Center St., Kaysville, Utah 84037

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earthquake Safety and Survival

I am sending this so you can speak to your kids about earthquakes.  The more they know what to expect, the calmer they will be if we have one here.  China had an Earthquake this morning – 6.9 – with at least 6 aftershocks.  They have at least 400 dead so far with over 10,000 injured.  It seems like these are happening weekly.  We have “Earthquake Activity Books” (these are really pretty cool) for ages (2-7) and (8-11) for every kid in the neighborhood plus I’m picking up the “Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country” Booklet for every family in the neighborhood tomorrow.  We also have a “FEMA Disaster Book” for everyone in the neighborhood.  We will get these to you soon (as soon as Mick and I figure out how-probably your Block Captains).  We are checking with all Block Captains to make sure everyone has received their “Emergency Preparedness Booklet”.  If you haven’t received it yet, you will soon.


Haiti - 7.2; Brazil - 7.2; Mexico/California - 7.2; Indonesia - 7.7; Syracuse - ??? Are we Ready!!! F.H.E. #2 on Earthquakes - Attached is some information that can be used for children so they will know what to expect during an earthquake. Drop, Cover & Hold Color Sheet, Quake-Safe Home Checklist, Home Hazard Hunt, Shopping when Quake occurs, Home Earthquake Safety Sheet.

Earthquake Safety and Survival

What Happens During an Earthquake?
Most people caught in earthquakes have a feeling of helplessness.  Especially if they have never experienced a quake before, they have no idea how long it is going to last or what will happen next.

What to Expect?
The first indication of a damaging earthquake may be a gentle shaking.  You may notice the swaying of hanging plants and light fixtures or hear objects wobbling on shelves.  Or you may be jarred first by a violent jolt (similar to a sonic boom).  Or you may hear a low and perhaps very loud rumbling noise.  A second or two later, you’ll really feel the shaking, and by this time, you’ll find it very difficult to move from one place to another.

It is important to take “quake-safe” action at the first indication of ground shaking.  Don’t wait until you’re certain an earthquake is actually occurring.  As the ground shaking grows stronger, danger increases. 

Free-standing cabinets and bookshelves are likely to topple.  Wall-mounted objects (such as clocks, art work, etc) may shake loose and fly across the room.  Suspended ceiling components may pop out, bringing light fixtures and other components down with them.  Door frames may be bent by moving walls and may jam the doors shut.  Moving walls may bend window frames, causing glass to shatter and send dangerous shards into the room.

The noise that accompanies an earthquake may cause considerable emotional stress especially to children.

What To Do During An Earthquake:
1.  Stay Calm.  Having a plan will help you to stay calm.
2.  Stay Put.  If you are inside, stay inside.  If you are outdoors, stay there.
3.  Take Cover.  If indoors, take cover under a desk, table, or stand in a supported doorway, or along an inside wall or corner.  Stay clear of windows, bookcases, china cabinets, mirrors, and fireplaces until the shaking stops.  If no protection is available, drop to the floor and cover you head with your hands.  Never try to restrain a pet during the shaking.

If Outside --- Get into the open, away from buildings, trees, walls and power lines.  The greatest danger from falling debris is just outside exterior doorways and close to outer walls.  Stay in the open until the shaking stops.

If In a Car --- Pull over to the side of the road as quickly as is safely possible and stop.  Never stop on top of or underneath a bridge or under powerlines.  Stay in your car until the earthquake is over.  When you drive on, watch for hazards created by the earthquake.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


For your information:

Syracuse Secondary Water should be ready to turn on by April 19.  They are filling the canals now.

1700 am Radio Station – Davis County Emergency Station – this is the Emergency Alert System for directions for Davis County in case of an emergency

1680 am Radio Station – Clearfield Emergency Station – it also has Emergency Preparedness tips and information

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eggs - Unflavored Gelatin

Every family should have a least 1 pound of unflavored gelatin in their storage.


Fresh Eggs can be stored for up to 1 year.  Rub warmed mineral oil on your hands and coat the entire surface of the fresh egg with the oil.  Replace egg in carton with the point down.  In cold climates they can be stored in a cool, dark place.  In warmer climates, place in the refrigerator.  Rotate once a year.

“Eggs” from unflavored gelatin (Knox):  Buy in bulk; Knox Brand packages are very expensive.  The gelatin is less expensive than powdered eggs (less than 3 cents per egg or 1 tsp) and has an indefinite shelf life.

1 tsp gelatin = 1egg
1 oz gelatin = 12 tsp or 12 eggs
1 pound gelatin = 192 eggs

Making an egg:  Combine 1 tsp of unflavored gelatin with 3 Tb of cold water and stir until dissolved.  Then add 2 Tb of hot water and stir.  When using your own recipes, decrease the liquid called for in your recipe by about ¼ cup to compensate for the added water from the “egg”.

April Garden Tips

April Garden Tips for gardening and landscaping. 

Square-foot gardening is great for the rookie gardener.  You can purchase “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew at Stoker's Nursery.  They also carry the gardening boxes, soil, and seed to get your garden started.

April Garden Tips

ü      Take note of the blooming spring bulbs around you and plan your bulb garden now so you’re ready to plant in the fall.

ü      Plant gladiolas, lilies and dahlias later this month for beautiful summer color.

ü      Transplant, divide and relocate perennials.  Water well after transplanting.

ü      Fertilize established bulbs with SaveATree liquid organic plant food.

ü      Perennials and dormant roses can be planted this month.  Hardy annuals such as petunias and pansies can be planted in late April.

ü      Apply Fertilome Rose Food w/ Systemic insecticide to roses.

ü      Plant dormant potted and bare root trees and shrubs.  Fertilize trees and shrubs with Fertilome Tree and Shrub Food or SaveATree.

ü      Use Acecap Systemic Implants to help prevent borer damage in aspens, ash and other trees.

ü      Spray quaking aspens with Fertilome Systemic Fungicide to prevent fungal leaf spot.  Spray when leaves are about the size of a dime.

ü      Check poplar, birch and green ash trees for borers.  Look for small holes with sawdust coming out of them.  Use Acecap Systemic Implants or spray with HiYield Garden, Pet, Livestock and Borer Spray.

ü      Prune most trees and shrubs (birch and maple should be pruned in late summer or fall).

ü      Rototill your garden plots and amend soil with Soil Pep, Peat Moss, Cocoa Peat or compost.

ü      Tomatoes and peppers can be planted by mid-month if Wall-O-Water or Aqua Domes are used to protect them from frost.

ü      Peas, carrots, spinach and most other root and leaf crops can be seeded outside in late April.

ü      Remove mulch and protective covering placed on plants (including roses) for winter protection last fall.

ü      Spray apple and pear trees with Fertilome Fire Blight Spray twice during the blossom period.

ü      Start new laws or repair old lawns by over seeding.

ü      Apply Natural Guard Soil Activator (humates) to help decompose thatch and “green up” your lawn.

ü      Spray dandelions in late April before they start to bloom.