Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paint Can Heater or Camp Stove

Prepared Not Scared has lots of GREAT PREPAREDNESS information!! 

Click the link for Labels and Instructions on how to make the “Paint Can Heater or Camp Stove”.  I sent a similar email a few months ago, but this one has step by step instructions with pictures.  This was used by another ward in our area.  The preparedness stores have something similar to this but it doesn’t work as well (falls apart very easy – made cheaply) and costs quite a bit more.  My father bought one from the preparedness store and wasn’t very impressed with it.  He tried the paint can heater and said it worked great.  My first impression was the paint can heater was kind of “Mickey Mouse”, but I was wrong.  They work very well. 

If you are interested, you can assemble one on your own (very easy to do) or if enough want to make them, we can do it as a group.  If you are interested in doing it as a group, please email me back.  If I get enough people interested, we will do it as a group.

This can be used as an emergency heater or cooker. 


Preparedness Project - Paint Can Heaters

Emergency Cook Stoves or Paint Can Heaters!

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