Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Have My Food Storage!

(By Wendy DeWitt’s -“Everything under the Sun”)

10.  My neighbors have a TWO year supply!
          No, they don’t.  They don’t have any food.  Did you know that 85% of the members of the church don’t have any food storage at all?  If your idea of food storage is to eat someone else’s food…..this is a really bad plan.

9.   I’ve paid tithing for 20 years…the church can give me a little food.
        Many members believe that when the times get hard, the church is going to come through like Joseph in Egypt.  Absolutely, not true!  All the church storehouses and welfare farms across the country would only feed 4% of the members of the church, and the food is not even meant for us!  The food will be used to feed those  who have not been warned.  The church has been asking YOU to store food for 75 years. They are not storing food for you.  Thus, another bad plan.

8.   I’m moving in with my parents/children!
        Really…that’s just a bad plan all by itself.  But it points out that most members  don’t have a year’s supply because they’re PLANNING on eating someone else’s food!  Of course, since no one HAS any good, we have yet another bad plan. 

7.   I have a year’s supply…and bullets to go with it!
        I’ve heard this and again, “How dumb is that to go to all the time and expenses of  getting food…just to have some guy with a gun come and shoot my family to take it away?”  Here’s a better question.  Are you afraid of the guy with the gun?  Or are you more afraid of BECOMING the guy with the gun?  What would you do if your children were starving to death?  Would you lie? Steal? Cheat?  Would you    shoot your neighbor for his food?  I guarantee…if you were watching your   children starving to death you would do whatever it took to keep them alive. If you don’t have your years supply, you are putting yourself in danger of losing not   only your temporal salvation, but your spiritual salvation as well.

     So far, all the reasons why we don’t have our food storage involve eating someone else’s food.  Please, don’t put your family’s temporal salvation in other people’s hands.  No one is storing food for you.  Not your neighbors, not the government…not even the church.

6.   The boat and the 4-Wheelers are taking up all my storage space!  

5.   Prophecies…Disasters…9/11…but they’re always making way too much out of everything!
            This is never going to happen!  (Every prophecy that has ever been given WILL happen!)

4.   If anything DOES happen, the government will be here within hours!
            (Funny!)  Did you know the government has been telling us that we need to have           food storage?  They’re actually CALLING it food storage!  We now have the government telling us to store food, water, medicines…whatever we will need to  be able to stay in our homes for several months. 

3.   I can’t afford scrapbooking AND food storage.
        The average food storage can cost as little as a dollar a day.  We live in the richest society in the history of the world, and while there are cases where money may be a problem, most of the time it is a matter of priorities. We have chosen bigger homes, nicer cars, vacations, etc…everything is more important than our food  storage.  You have to make food storage a priority.

2.   I’m waiting for the cannery to sell Papa John’s dehydrated pizza!
            Food storage has always had a stigma attached to it.  If it’s not wheat, beans and           powdered milk, it’s not food storage.  Wrong!!  Food storage can be the foods you enjoy and currently eat.  Your imagination (and your pocketbook) are the only  limitations you have.

1.   And the #1 reason why I don’t have my year’s supply of food?  I thought it was 72 hours!!!
            You KNOW you should have your food storage.  You WANT to have it, but it  can be so overwhelming.  How much do I buy?  Where do I store it?  How do I   cook it?  How can I afford it?  It seems like an impossible task…but it’s not.  It does require faith, obedience, prayer and a simple plan.  Hopefully over the next  few months, I’ll be able to give you some ideas that will help you get started or       to continue chipping away at it until you have your 1-year supply.


  1. This is a very interesting post. A lot of folks think about storing up supplies in case of emergencies, but never get around to do it. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd

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  8. Very interesting post. This is really food for thought for me. I have started my food storage that may last only a month. But it is a good start. It is better than nothing.

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