Monday, May 3, 2010

May Garden Tips

ü    Selectively spray for weeds in the garden and landscape.
ü    Direct-sow seeds for vegetable and flowers.
ü    Use mulches (weed fabric, Soil Pep, bark, etc.) to help control weeds and retain moisture.
ü    Use Season Starter plant protectors on tomato and pepper plants.  Hot Caps and frost blankets can also be used on vegetable and flower crops to protect them from frost.
ü    Use tomato cages, stakes and trellis for “vining” flowers and vegetable crops.
ü    Purchase garden gloves, hat, sunscreen and garden tools for the season ahead.
ü    Harden-off seedling transplants before planting outside.
ü    Check operation of pond pumps, filters, sterilizer lights, etc. to make sure everything functions properly.
ü    Drain and clean pond in early May.  Divide any water lilies, iris, etc., that have overgrown their pots.  Repot divisions and fertilize with Aquatic Plant Fertilizer tablets.  Start feeding fish.
ü    Check pine needles for scale (clusters of flat, white, scaly bumps).
ü    Check the ends of spruce trees for budworm (needles will look chewed and webbed together).
ü    Spray spruce trees as new needles emerge with Carbaryl to prevent aphid galls (brown, spiny, pinecone-looking growths on branch tips.)
ü    Check for sign of leaf rollers or leaf miners on leafy trees and shrubs.
ü    Check poplar, birch and green ash trees for borers.  Look for small holes with sawdust coming out of them.  Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Drench, or spray with Hi-Yield Garden, Pet, Livestock, and Borer spray to help control borers.
ü    Hang Fruit Tree Pest Traps (pheromone traps) in apple trees to detect arrival of codling moth (worms in apples.
ü    Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and hardy annuals.  Most annuals can safely be planted after Memorial Day (average last frost date). 
ü    Plant hybrid tea and hardy shrub roses.
ü    Prune flowering shrubs (such as lilac) after they flower.
ü    Start new lawns now or repair old lawns by over-seeding.
ü    Spray apple and pear trees with Fertilome fire blight spray twice during the blossom period.

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