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The top 4 short-term things everyone should have in their storage.

Just a few days ago an individual, who had been buying emergency supplies for some time plus being involved in helping others prepare, asked me a number of preparedness questions. One of them hit at the very core of how things really work. It's a perspective that people overlook in their desire to buy things for an emergency.

'I've seen this deal on a whole house standby generator on eBay. I really want to get it so I can have power to run my furnace in the winter. What is your opinion on how much I should have to pay for one? My answer was, 'a generator is a nice thing to have in the 'TOOL' category once you have taken care of the other true priority items. In fact, I intend to have one someday once I've taken care of the things on the 'A' and 'B' list. A generator is a 'C' or 'D' item because in the true scheme of long-term survival, a generator and its fuel sources are very unreliable. You first spend your money on the most important and most reliable things (the 'A' and 'B' list).'

I then presented this individual with the true priorities of what you must have for the short-term and gave him a copy of my #1 DVD 'THE FOUNDATION' to review and share with others.

The short-term 'Parachute' items are:

1. Clothing - A person will die in 3 hours without warmth:
When conditions are severe and cold, a person without protection can slip into hypothermia (low core temperature) very quickly. Injury and death can be surprisingly quick. It is also important to understand that hyperthermia (elevated core temperature) can be just as threatening to life in hot conditions. Clothing is the first line of defense for personal protection during emergency and survival situations.

2. Water - A person will die in 3 days without water:
It's not just about thirst. You must have adequate supplies of quality (safe to drink) water. Under ideal conditions, once you have lost about 15% of your bodyweight from dehydration you will be dead. In survival conditions, as little as 6 to 10% of bodyweight from dehydration can cause death. Becoming dehydrated will cause hypothermia in the cold and hyperthermia in the heat. Then there is also the issue of contaminated water that will make you sick. A common problem from contaminated water is diarrhea/ dysentery, which will cause dehydration very quickly if unchecked.

3. Sanitation - A person can die from sanitation issues that may occur the first day of a disaster:
You may not die immediately from a contaminated environment, but if you catch a disease and die two weeks later, the results are the same. Sanitation issues very commonly lead to unsafe water, which leads to diarrhea/ dysentery, which leads to dehydration, which leads to hypothermia or hyperthermia.

4. Special Needs - During emergencies some people may require other things immediately to stay alive:
If there is injury you can bleed to death in 30 seconds, or die within 3 minutes without air. Lack of medications or special nutrients can be a serious problem for some. During disasters and upheaval, depending on where you are, personal protection can suddenly become a matter of life and death.

Once the short-term 'Parachute' items are in place expand them and take care of the next five areas to round out your 'Long-Term Provisions':

5. Nutrition
6. Shelter
7. Wellness
8. Tools
9. Supplies

If you or others have questions in this area, I recommend that you carefully review DVD #1 - THE FOUNDATION.

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